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The Three - R

​“THE THREE R" was performed twice at different venues with minor changes in the original script along with spontaneous interventions by the audience.

The attempt here was to question, experiment or alter the craft of performance making. The performance proceeds in an evaluative manner, exhibiting examples of a certain general understanding that refers back to an object, words, letters, languages, sounds, rituals. With the help of eleven participants, this performance was an attempt to engage with a puzzling and somewhat uncooperative aspect of the performance art itself.

​I borrowed tools from other fields of live acts such as the act of a magician. I then evaluated the difference between a magician and an Illusionist.  While the former may claim that his magic tricks are achieved by the aid of supernatural powers the later prefers to maintain the scientific conclusions to each illusion.  My intention was to lead members of the audience to think about why a performer performs in certain ways, and what tools they use in order to entertain or evoke the audience’s response.

The Three R

Performance, Exhibition hall

Faculty of Fine Arts Baroda



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