How not to Cut through an empty space

I am an Indian born visual artist living and working in south of England.  I have been creating interactive projects involving sound elements, moving image, poetry, rituals, drawings and Performances. I direct my practice towards studying methods in which human consciousness is harnessed. This may be a cultural, political or spiritual consciousness and even a very crude, animal-like awareness of being a predator and pray at the same time. 

My practice is informed by experiences of conflicts and unresolved tensions in my immediate surroundings. I was raised in an environment where rituals were part of daily life, where science is the ghost of light, and a cloak is a space full of rhymes. My installations and performances embody some of my early experience. I take an approach of that of a shaman with an algebra tied around her waist. 

 I am interested in isolated bubbles of thoughts, empty jars, frail buildings, threads, needles, echoes, murky corners, forests, boxes, nights, scents, distances and mourners, mourners who mourn on a stranger's grave.