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Hetal Chudasama is an Indian-born visual artist currently residing in Scotland, UK. She navigates between different art forms, with a primary focus on constructing immersive environments that transcend mere aesthetics and societal norms. Chudasama's portfolio includes large-scale, site-specific installations of ephemeral nature, amalgamating various mediums such as audio-video material, paintings, text, and sculptural forms. She has held four solo exhibitions in India and organized numerous performance and interactive events in both India and Europe.

The core of Chudasama's creative expression draws inspiration from experiences rooted in conflicts and unresolved tensions in India, delving into collective anxieties spawned by issues like social inequalities, climate change, migration, trauma, and loss. While some of her works are research-based explorations addressing these societal challenges, she also embarks on creative journeys purely for the exploration of expressive forms.

In the past year, Chudasama has ventured into the realm of printmaking, experimenting with woodcuts and multiple woodblock arrangements to craft intricate images. Her exploration involves playing with forms, colors, and the inherent possibilities within the materials. Notably, she utilizes blocks composed of inherited pieces of furniture and various household objects, each carrying a concealed history. By integrating these objects into creative arrangements, Chudasama aims to unearth new visual narratives, adding depth and significance to her evolving artistic practice.



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