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How not to Gash through a space

I am an Indian born artist living and working in south of Scotland. I have been creating interactive projects involving sound, moving images, text, rituals, drawing-paintings  and live Performances.

My practice is informed by experiences of conflicts and unresolved tensions in human society. Growing up in India social and political conflicts are never too far. Growing up as a female, the female body itself is a matter of conflict from the moment of its conception.  It was natural for me to seed my practice through the very core of my  being- using my body. The body as a metaphor for the earth, the nation or even a collective cultural memory.  As I traveled and settled away from my birth grounds my concerns concentrated on the issues of challenging climates, migration, identity and faith.

I grew up in a community without literacy. The vast majority of the population in my neighborhood gained their religious and philosophical perspective from Katha culture, an oral storytelling tradition. Katha culture is form of storytelling on a national scale. However, the current residue of this tradition is highly questionable, toxic and corrupt in its practice, the original Katha culture formed my interest in the power of storytelling.   It is through my interest in theater and literature that I arrive at a kind of traction to develop, and in time penetrate my most pressing concerns into a body of visual imagery transforming into an immersive experience. My objective is to tell a story in any medium that will oblige.

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