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I am a visual artist originally from India, now settled in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland. I graduated from Faculty of Fine arts Baroda, India with bachelors and master’s degree in visual arts. My practice is multi-disciplinary. This fluidity allows me to move between disciplines and focus on creating immersive environments that communicate beyond aesthetics and norms. My past works consists large scale site-specific installations of infernal nature. They are made up of variety of mediums and expressions including audio-video material, paintings, text and sculptural forms. I have had four solo exhibitions in India, I have hosted several performance and interactive events in India and Europe.

Majority of my creative practice is informed by experiences of conflicts and unresolved tensions, drawing from collective anxieties caused by social inequalities, climate change, migration, trauma, and loss. While some of these area of interest leads to research based body works, I also explore works based purely on exploration of creative expressions and forms.

It has been less than a year since I have been trying my hand at printmaking. I’m working with a combination of woodcuts and multiple woodblock arrangements to create an image. Experimenting with forms, colors and exploring possibilities that the material holds in itself. I’m making my prints using blocks which consists of inherited pieces of furniture and various household objects. Each objects carried a hidden history embedded within it. By incorporating them in various creative arrangements I’m hoping to find new visual narratives.

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