Coconut Optimisim
Still image from the video _ Coconut optimisim

During the 2020 – and 2021, I created a number of visual poems without having much planning or design for a fixative outcome. While these moving image sketches were accumulating in my archive, I took up a residency at Artsadmin, London. During this  residency I created a performative space with various experiments. In one exercise, I put out a request for creative collaboration, or more accurately a creative contribution from friends, colleagues and general public. I requested them to contribute a small piece of text with few pre-set conditions. They were to select an image of their liking – an image, digital or otherwise. It may be an image they have come across recently and have managed to stay lingering in their mindscape longer then other images. Pandemic was a period were more people were spending their time online – looking at the constant stream of images floating by them. After selecting the image of their liking they were to describe it in their own words, using any form of rhetoric they may feel equipped with. I had no need of images themselves just the perception of these images on the contributors mind. My guidelines for the contribution were brief and open, I simply asked for a description of an image as they experience it, write it and send me recording of these text in their own voice.


The coconut optimism video utilizes a contribution of text describing an image written and read by Manoli Salagado.