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Coconut Optimisim
Still image from a video work Coconut optimism

The time is some where between the 2020 & 2021 - we are gripped in isolation -fear - anxiety- sickness and in worse cases dealing with deaths of loved ones.

The question here was simple - What impact did the outpouring of images on virtual world have on our minds when we could not access the outside world as we have been used?

During this time,  I created a number of visual poems without having much planning or design for a fixative outcome. While these moving image sketches were accumulating in my archive, I took up a residency at Artsadmin, London. Artsadmin space at Toynebee studios seemed like an ideal platform to process these  virtual moving image sketches in a coherent work. They provided a backbone for me to stage a day long performance piece divided in chapters or a number of exercises.  In one of the exercise (designed before the day of the performance) I put out an open request for a creative contribution from friends, colleagues and general public. The contribution was to be a small piece of text with few pre-set conditions. They were to select an image of their liking – an image, digital or otherwise, but must hold some significance to them.  Part of the exercise was to observe how our mind reacts to the residue of the river of information that run through our daily virtual life,  to uncover or discover a visual anxiety, anxiety arising purely from looking at images in virtual setting. The contributors, having selected an image of their liking were asked to describe it in their own words, using any form of rhetoric they may feel equipped with. The objective here was to pursue  a perception of selected image on the contributors mind and through their language on the listeners. It quickly became apparent that the description of the images I received from various contributors around the world evoked something far more intriguing and poetic in their use of language and the imagery they created on the listener's mind then a mere image description. Here in this video I have embedded an image description by Minoli Salagado. Minoli is UK based author and an academic from Sri-lankan origin, and has published various works on migrant studies and diasporic literature. It is fair to say that Minoli being a published writer has the words at her finger tips, but it is her visceral voice that lead me to create this moving image work.

In this work you see my hands, a beetroot being squashed in the backdrop of Minoli's voice,  and a fly. The fly is purely an accident.

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