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At First, You will close your E Y E S
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Directing water into a dew point incremental repetition,  a long duration performance and an installation piece . Films, text, drawings merge with live-action to turn the space at Toynbee Studios into a cave like environment where spells are broken. The performance is divided into 30 minute slots. Six members of the audience were invited during each slot to experience/ participate in an intimate space together with the artist in order to create a collective imagining of a healing space. The visitors are encouraged to bring a stone or a pebble of any size they may feel fit to carry during their visit. Stone acts as a metaphor for a painful burden. There is no real scale to measure the pain. Pain is immeasurable in all its forms. The pain of loss is the worst – loss of active body, loss of freedom, identity, and self. And yet we must scale it, lift it, lower it, lighten it. Deriving from a point of widespread despair, mental illness, disconnectedness and spiritual loss, this space was aimed to create a space for collective mourning and re-imagining of a stronger moral strength. 

I have combined several works under this one page. Primarily because the material for these various works were all generated during the same time. Since then the ideas, images or text has moved on morphing into further new bodies of work.

H at toynebee 2# studioes.jpg

      Technologically amplified scarcity


human attention

and physical presence

It’s time |

It’s time


                                   Describe the memory of mushrooms in wild?

At first you will close your eyes –

Then your Ears !

shut tight in the vacuum of your palms-

Your throat

--- your throat---


dry for quite sometimes


You stay acutely present

Amidst parched walls of your throat

you marvel at the friction of your vocal codes

while ---

           ---you say !

…that you didn't know

You did not know-

With hollowed echo in your voice

       …. you grapple to

           grab hold of some genuine shock

surprised !

To relive yourself of the guilt

Guilt of having watched and not moved  

having smelled and not ...?

You nervously rub your fingers around your mouth, your lips, your nose -

Sniffing out the faint memories

of trials - trolls - trampolines

You rub your hands on your forehead,

Wiping moist bubbles of anxiety

Your fingers contorted, travel up- down - side ways

Scraping and scooping your hair between your fingers, 

your nail digging zigzag paths on your scalp


but there was nothing to  see ,

when your neighbors were dragged out of their homes

bare breasted

your doors were tightly shut

you could have not seen such a violence

but why … why then....

The walls of your throat are sticking to each other

You think of nothing else but water

---------------- water… water… water…



h_per_toynebee (1).jpg
Hetal_Performance at toynebee studios.jpg
Still from a day long  performance
- Directing water into the Dew Point
presented at Toynbee studios, London 2021
Still from  Coconut optimism
- Directing water into the Dew Point
presented at Toynbee studios, London 2021

At first you will close your eyes  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- ----


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