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The Three Rs was performed second time in Kolkata. The basic script remained the same, but intervention of the space and New group of audience brings completely different charge to performance.  Changes in the script, and accidental moments have been printed in red.  On the day of 26th January, last days of KIPAF festival the curator of the performance festival announces before starting the event.  Today is a non - instructional day. ( Since my performance was absolutely based on Instruction and pre planed )


 Act 0  I stand in a middle of a temple in the old building of Pathuriaghata, Kolkata. (The temple doesn’t have any Deity in it, but it’s still is a temple, we are supposed to remove our shoes before entering the holy place)I distribute a piece of paper to the each member in the audience.  
Act 1 “Today is a
non- instructional day” “Before I start I will request, all of you - to give me - a word,  “One word”  - “That comes in to your mind at this very moment. You each been given chits of paper, and there are about 10 marking pens circulating for you to write down your word. Please leave a space between each letters of your
word. If you are using English please write your word in capital letters, otherwise write your word as clearly as possible in Indian character. “But remember I only know two Indian languages Gujarati and Hindi.”  “While you are writing your word, I was supposed to cast a circle, but the architecture of this temple refuses to invite a circle, therefore I will cast an oval.”
Act 2: Casting an oval  
Act 3: standing in middle of an oval. “Today is
non instructional day” “Now I want to talk about magic shows and magicians “ “Some modern illusionists believe that it is unethical to give a performance that claims to be anything other than a clever and skilful deception. Most of these performers therefore eschew the term "magician" (which they view as making a claim to supernatural powers)”.  “Let’s talk about an illusionist. An illusionist, before starting his or her performance he or she will normally follow certain standard routine tricks, a preparation for his first part technically known as production. For example he or she may try to draw the attention of the audience towards the illusionist’s empty hands, may be like this”... (Displaying my empty hands) “Or, Perhaps” “He or she may open an empty box and display the box to the audience for inspection.” “Then again, an illusionist might reach out to his or her pocket and find a plain white handkerchief in it. May be like this.( Checking my pockets) Oh…. how extraordinary….. I seem to have found more than one in my pocket……” .Although, these are not handkerchiefs, these are just round pieces of a white cotton cloth, but for this evening we are going to assume that these pieces of cloth are handkerchiefs.” “Returning to the Illusionist, after displaying his or her handkerchief to the audience, and confirming that it’s just a normal handkerchief, he or she may call out a volunteer from the audience and ask them to take and keep the handkerchief with them for some time.”   “Today is non instructional day”
Since, I have 10 handkerchiefs; I’m going to need 10 volunteers.” “Will my 10 volunteers please step forward?” 10 volunteers from the audience eagerly came forward and surrounded me. I will reach out to each of the volunteer and repeat: “The Definition of Handkerchief; a small square of cotton or other finely woven material intended to wipe the nose, face ,eyes extra” (volunteers are from audience they don’t include my fellow performers)

Act4:  “Now, can I have those papers chits back…. (collecting words from the audience, audience at the moment also includes the rest of the performers thus even they will participate in delivering a word)
Act 5: Writing down the collected words from the audience around the edge of the oval on the floor, without leaving any gap between each word, while I read out all the words before writing them, in
this fashion ones they are written on the floor they lose the singular meaning around one word and turn in to number of alphabets falling in, and turning in to patterns.  
Act6:  Erasing the pattern of letters by using a 
piece of cloth, while uttering loud each letter which is being erased. .
Act 7:
hold  a huge white cloth in my hand, and slowly lay it down on the floor as if a gentle precious object and start unfolding it. The other participants, who were disguised as the audience till now will one by one emerge and help me, unfold the cloth. Spreading the cloth neatly in middle of a room, 4 of the member will lift the cloth while rest of the member will start inserting their heads inside the holes in the cloth. One of the performer member has been hold by a member from the audience he manages to get inside the cloth. The chanting of (Gujarati – consonants) “Ka Kaa ki kee ku koo ke kai ko kau kam kah,,,,,,” begins from slowest long humming followed by medium speed and then fastest utterance of the consonants till, all that is programmed and rehearsed synchronised ways disappear and start falling in chaotic emergence of noise. We continue until we lose our breath. Our unexpected intruder from the audience member did also follow the chanting with us.
Act8: after a short silent pose, our heads still inserted in the cloth, we move out of the holes of the cloth one by one and fold the cloth in a similar manner to how it was folded earlier. These instructions were known only by the fellow performers. But here we have a stranger who has his own will, he will not follow us this time it was clear from his gesture.
Instead he chose to stand, his head still inserted in the hole of the cloth while some four of us hold the corner of cloth up in the air. He finally moved and tares the cloth apart in two parts.  We continue refolding the cloth, while slowely rest of the co performer moves back along with the intruder.
Act10:  I announce: Now, can I have my handkerchief
back please.  Collecting the handkerchief But one of the handkerchiefs is missing. A member from the volunteer has left with my handkerchief. I demand my handkerchief and not leave. Most of the audience has dispersed and rest are trying to find the person who has the handkerchief, the msg has been sent but he will not return my handkerchief. He will take time, “I will wait” After 35 minute the volunteer enters the oval again, wiped his face and returned my handkerchief.

these handkerchief can go back to become a mere circular piece of a white cotton cloth”.






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