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The Hammer of the Witch

This set of paintings represents torture equipment used during the “witch hunts”, the period also known in Europe as the “Burning Times”. From about 13th century to up until the mid-19th century Switzerland actively participated in the witch hunt. ​Christian preachers found a growing need to do away with pagan practices, especially the ones practiced by women, they were targeted under the pretext of witchery. These tools also resemble the torture devices used during Atlantic slavery on African slaves.

This project aimed to explore the relevance of the witch hunt in the present political climate and its impact by studying historical events of hostility against a marginalized community and women. The project culminated in multiple ways of looking at the devices of torture in terms of their construction in historical events, literature and art. 

This is a project in continuum

 Set of fifteen paintings,
Powder pigment and Gouache on paper,
Exhibited at Atelier Mondial, Basel, 2015.


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