Reason Not- Knot
Site -specific Installation
"An Attic is a place to hide,
Objects and people Alike."
Reason Not - Knot Installation view

"Reason Not – Knot” was a site-specific installation and a performance project executed during an International artist’s residency at the Embassy of Foreign Artists Geneva, 2017. I was provided with the attic of the residency building to use as a studio which later became the site for this installation and performance project.

 The house (EOFA Residence) is more than 200 years old, and the last one left of its kind.  It is surrounded by a highly urbanized extended neighborhood of Geneva made up by commercial high-rises, huge shopping malls, multinational banks and nightclubs.

Just by remaining what it always was, the house had become a misfit, it failed to adapt, it is a thing of the past. There are plans for it to be demolished in near future as iarchitectural urban change we are witnessing now has uncannily similar language throughout the world.  The globalized culture of the world is moving into a singular dimension with same story to repeat. Confusions are the shared inheritance of my generation. Everywhere one travels with the same idea, the same interaction, and the same expression of exhaustion.  This tiredness seems to burden the creative minds with a fear of monotonous outputs.

I must breadth.

I needed to get inside, up to the attic and hide, and so I did. I sympathized with the house. The house and I were the misfits.

The call of absurdity into the veins of time.

The wooden beams of the attic created fantastic geometrical forms at each intersection, they possessed a very feminine appearance as many viewers observed when reacting to my interpretation of the space.  In the attic, the sunlight sought time. Time which seemed sky rocketing even in the Alps. Busy mountaineers making most of the good summer and adventure, filling their lungs with sense of achievement with each rising altitude.

Materials & Objects of Interest.

As an artist in residence I thought my duty was to find a material that would connect me with being in Geneva. However, the only material I found and that I could afford to work and relate to was rolls of calico cotton being sold for 10 times higher the price then the one I would have found in India. Nonetheless, here was something I was deeply familiar with, and I decided to incorporate it in a very unfamiliar project.  I gave myself a simple task and stretched the task long enough to occupy all my time.


What is the  purpose of art…?

But something must be put forward. So I invented a theory. A theory where I must measure the geometry of the beams of the attic in the most unusual manner.  I created multiple cylindrical forms out of fabric varying  in  size and placed them into the negative space of wooden beams, as if, I was trying to map the inverted geometry with an organic soft measurement. India invented rulers, but if we hadn't what odd means we might have been using.

Did I find a solution to the most absurd fiction?  Well, how else could I have walked with time? I stitched hundreds of meters of fabric while accompanied by the late night hysteria playing outside the windows of the attic, and rolled all of it - the hysteria of nightclub dwellers, the attacks of hooligans, the anxieties of ghettoized migrants displaced in the cynic beauty of Geneva, and with it all the element of not fitting.  I rolled up all these bundles of oddness and in-differences in the sleeves of fabrics, and stuffed them between the beams, as if, I was rolling time itself so that it could stay softly formed between the angles.  Time became a triangle.

But that was not enough, and so at the end of it all, I had to invent a ritual to justify these new measurements. There is always a performance at the very end of the action. Why…?

Reason Not.

An Attic is a Place to Hide
Presented at Embassy of Foreign Artist, Geneva