Reason Not- Knot
Site -specific Installation
"An Attic is a place to hide,
Objects and people Alike."
Reason Not - Knot Installation view

"Reason Not – Knot” is a site-specific installation and a performance project executed during an International artist’s residency at the Embassy of Foreign Artists Geneva, 2017. I was provided with the attic of the residency building to use as a studio which later became the site for this installation and performance project.


Apart from extra storage and sleeping space, the attics are the spaces for refuge for everything that doesn't quite fit in any other part of domestic architecture. Historically attics have played roles of places of discovery, creativity, security. They are the spaces for hiding, romance, fear and punishment.   

The wooden beams of the attic created fantastic geometrical forms at each intersection. The idea was to measure the space with time, vacuum with air, shape with form, form with mass. And to direct the soft curved lines to settle between the sharp angular lines. 

An Attic is a Place to Hide
Presented at Embassy of Foreign Artist, Geneva