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Reason Not- Knot
Site -specific Installation
"An Attic is a place to hide,
Objects and people Alike."
Reason Not - Knot Installation view

"Reason Not – Knot” constitutes a site-specific installation and performance project that unfolded during my stay at the International artist’s residency at the Embassy of Foreign Artists in Geneva in 2017. The attic of the residency building served as my studio, and later transforming into a site for both the installation and live action.

Beyond serving as additional storage and sleeping quarters, attics embody spaces of refuge for items that don't quite find a place in the rest of the domestic setting. They are realms for discovery, creativity, secrecy, and concealment. For those raised in urban areas with flat roofs, attics may seem non-Indian, yet I can't help but perceive them as sacred spaces—arenas for subdued conversations and places that allowed lives to linger in suspension during past wars. However, I have no justification for associating this space with such a painful section of history.

The wooden beams of the attic intersect to create fantastic geometrical forms. The intent is to quantify the space with time, fill the vacuum with air, define shape with form, mold form with mass, and guide soft cylinder cushions to nestle between the sharp angular lines, inducing a hushed ambiance.

An Attic is a Place to Hide
Presented at Embassy of Foreign Artist, Geneva
Reason Not- Knot

"The attic is a space to hide"
Three members of the audience (all men) are invited to participate in the performance. They were instructed to stand at the three windows in the attic. Their upper torsos peeking outside the window while their feet remained grounded inside the attic.

I Contemplating a triangle—a potent ancient symbol of creation—I found myself at its center, holding an eye in my hand. This triangular exploration embraced geometric forces and mathematical pursuits. In this stance, I pondered time and extended an invitation for others to join, encouraging them to contemplate their unique angles. The performance was accompanied by spoken words delivered through audio installations. These words facilitated rituals of absurdity, prompting reflection on the nature of triangles and the convergence of angles and angels, blurring the boundaries between the two."

Hetal Chudasama _ Performance artist_ Reason Not - Knot_ Geneva_ 2017
Hetal Chudasama _ Performance artist_ Reason Not - Knot_ Geneva_ 2017
Hetal Chudasama _ Performance artist_ Reason Not - Knot_ Geneva_ 2017
Hetal Chudasama _ Performance artist_ Reason Not - Knot_ Geneva_ 2017
Performance Reason Not-Knot, Performance Still, Performed at Embassy of Foreign Artist Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland, 2017

Text used as audio during the performance "Reason not - Knot".

How ultimate the “Eye” is

The eye with a vision

Minus the reason


Languidly locked in parades

On a perpetual drift.

Multitudes of civilized inquiries

Moving towards oblivion,

             And art…

             oh, art…

How art thou?


I still enjoy the color of the coffee

The bulge of abundant cliches

The mystery of being here and after

Mortality only brings more slavery.


Still the dishes stay afloat in the sink,

The filthy floor, frightened fridge, tired toilets

Muddled shelves                 and

Babbling mouths…

Speech in Bubbles

Bubbles… bubbles… everywhere

On streets

On television

In classrooms

On weddings

On funerals

On the polls and trolls

On and on and on and on…                  


      My heavenly cow does mow, mow these days.


Fumes of Saturday night hysteria

Followed by Sugar-free Sundays.



Let’s wash those second-hand labels in tar

Legacies are found in those junk shops

Someone is selling discarded memories

Unwanted wardrobes - loose

On tedious voyages.

Let’s pack them in bundles and cherish.

Our suitcases shall travel far and wide.

Those landfills,

I ignore them, like everything else that,

Trials my conscience.



Amidst snow smudged hills

Hovers the lousiest smog


The rising sun commands

And all things are left un- punished


All but one,

Unfathomably erased dreams.

The consciousness of mortals

at stake. --------barbecue darling....

it's the day for the Barbeque


Even in the wake of a final hour

We shall stay obstinate :He said:

Arrest the light with ultimate audacity,


Some may rejoice     and

Be deeply buried

In to an unresolvable stupidity.


If banality had a colour,

           I wonder…

Which one from spectrum will

Be ready – to scarify its dignity?



Someone stole the cuckoo clock,

But the cuckoo remains,

           Untouched -

Adamant by the time itself.

Reason - Not the knotted one.


In the middle of the house

A flight ascends 

A secret door - leads the way

I climb up and an attic…

All muffled up in the low humming

Chorus of its axis.



                       “An attic is a space to hide

                        Objects and people alike”


A poet demands

The journey,

In an intellectual pursuit

           But watch -

The sheep are grazing in the field.


                        “An attic is a space to hide

                         Objects and people alike”

                    A N G E L S and A N G L E S

                        are all the same.

Three points can only be joined

In a singular way.

A deceiving corner

 “Triangle” was thought for

And a “Triangle” was fought for

A triangle is divine

A triangle is blasphemous

The divinity must be worshiped


must not go unpunished


So there,

What is it about “I”, did I talk about?

I like you,

You like me,

We like each other,

Together,       we shall like others.

Together,       with   those  others.

We shall become -

Other themselves

Liked by ourselves.


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