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Gift of Tongue -
A sculptural Exhibition- EYE
(Detail) from a sculptural series "I mirrored you and so… Stipulation, who was who?" 2013

I mirrored you and so… Stipulation, who was who?

Set of 16 wax figurine
Mixture of Bees Wax and Paraffin with pigment
Size : 5 inch diameter
Matter Between Two Ears

Set of three stories in wax

1: An ear is disk shaped wax sculpture with a relief of ear on both sides of the disk. The sculpture is adorned by glass beads. 

2: Glass bowl contains a braid of real hair frozen in a transparent gel wax. 

3: A flower of tongue are sandwiched into a surrealistic mouth made of only teeth. wax 

Do you see the jack fruit ?
Set of six objects
Found hospital lamp shades, Wax, and Pins
Size: Variable
Rite of Passage
Material : wooden box, Wax, Cotton, Pigment, Gold foil, thread and Key... 
Size : 11X 9x 4 " 



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