Deepest Demarcation
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 Deepest demarcation is a lockdown performance reflecting on death -  For Life prematurely torn off from. 

This video is primarily a documentation of a performance performed indoor during the first lockdown period.  The camera is facing a door, enclosed by a plain cloth. From a slit in the cloth emerges a hand with prayer beads – (Rudraksh mala- holy beads used as a rosary in prayers in Hindu religion) followed by my hand while the rest of my body remains behind this makeshift veil visibly dividing outside and inside of one’s trajectory. It is a prayer performed on threshold. A prayer born out of an undeniably out of proportion shriek. A shriek that through fear- fear of loss of dignity, not just for the victims but also the collective loss of dignity amongst those who drive and participate in committing heinous crime, an appalling continuation of injustice-witnessed by wilful executors.  The text used during the performance is a combination of my verses and excerpts adapted from Clarice’ Lispector novel, “Passion According to G.H.”

The context for the act is set in India. But it can be practically anywhere. The greatest of human migration in recent history took place in India during this pandemic. The plight of the workers is a result of a collective failure of a society or is it a “collective triumph”. We have triumphed in continuing the tradition of discriminating vulnerable group of society, resulting in un-imaginable mass misery where individual suffering is lost in numbers. Meanwhile in America a yet another Black man is murdered in a broad day light. Yes, in meanwhile one more life is taken – just for the sake of it.

This video-performance is not a homage to a particular incident or an individual. It is a reflection on the hopelessness risen by the haunting reality of living in a world where brutality of every possible dimension is widely accepted and accommodated by masses.