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To book your free tickets and plan your visit  for this event click on the image and follow the link.

When :
29 September 2021
There are booking slots every 45 minutes from 11am-4.15pm

Where :

Toynbee Studios

28 Commercial Street
London, E1 6AB
Tel: 020 7247 5102

Artsadmin Bursary artist Hetal Chudasama shares a durational performance and installation, entitled ‘Directing water into a dew point – Incremental Repetition.’ 

Know it

Any presence is no more familiar

Than our goddess of the jungle

Arms in arms they levitate

Stray bundles of blessings

You pick and choose

Sit – Sleep



Spool that thread you just picked from the air

I’ll deliver just the tool



The day sets and I’m old

Seek shorelines

Come as water

And bring a stone

Together we shall hang it.

Directing water into a dew point incremental repetition is a long duration performance and an installation . Films, text, drawings merge with live-action to turn the space at Toynbee Studios into a cave where spells are broken. The performance is divided into 30 minute slots. Six members of the audience will be invited during each slot to experience/ participate in an intimate space together with the artist in order to create a collective imagining and thought making process. The visitors are encouraged to bring a stone or a pebble of any size they may feel fit to carry during their visit. Stone acts as a metaphor for a painful burden. There is no real scale to measure pain. Pain is immeasurable in all its forms. The pain of loss is the worst – loss of active body, loss of freedom, identity, and self. And yet we must scale it, lift it, lower it, lighten it. Deriving from a point of widespread despair, mental illness, disconnectedness and spiritual loss the artist will create a space for collective mourning and re-imagining of a stronger moral strength. This piece is an exercise to touch on a very individual sense of joy snatched out from loss. It enables the conditions for conceiving visions of our present and future collectively.


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