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A performance- Workshop

​In a theatrical tradition, a viewer sits on a comfortable chair. A viewer can disappear in the darkness, subdued between safeties of anonymity within the group of Audience.

“Come forward” is performative workshop was developed in collaboration with the students of Shantiniketan. It was a spontaneous work developed through a question of a human intimacy in private and public spaces. In this case the experiment was focusing on the behaviour of a viewer (A member of an audience. The exercise involve challenging the somewhat inherent passive existence of a viewer. To understand the feeling of an intimidation of an active participation, violation of one's right to remain in passive and simply an experience of acute anxiety caused by being forced into involuntary participation.

During the performance, I randomly chose individuals from the audience, and simply stood still facing them right into their eyes. My movements were rapid, spontaneous and somewhat authoritative. My audience were young and inexperienced students. This sudden encounter has a violent side to it since it forcefully removed members of the audience from the comfort of being passively submerged in the protective cover of a familiar group. Each individual found themselves intimidated by the act. However in the course of action the obvious revelation was to be suddenly discovered by one's own individual presence. ​


A group of people surrounding a single individual does, in itself, have a somewhat threatening appeal, even within the clasp of the most timid and receptive audience can threaten.   During the performance, the fears of both sides - the performer and the viewer were exposed.

Still images from the performance-workshop "WALK"with the art students of Kalabhavan, Shantiniketan, Kolkata 2014



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