Dropped into the Ether

Ether is a clear sky, the upper regions of air beyond the clouds. It is also a pleasant-smelling colourless volatile liquid that is highly flammable. It is used as an anesthetic, so that one can pass through a period of extreme pain without really noticing it. Skipping the sense of time amidst unbearable pain.

This video explores the space that lingers in-between, untouched by linear time. Memorial liminality, where does it begin? Can one enter such a space… or are we perpetually hovering around it?

 The video has emerged out of a collection of footage gathered over eleven years. There is a sense of unknown elevation, and yet the thoughts insists to hover, just above the surface,  lay low, dismantled; the time, the earth, the kindness of human imagination. Memory is measuring tape, since, it is only through memory one can grasp the sense of time. An inquiry into memory, especially the one invented is more puzzling and revealing, and every now and then the human mind manages to escape. 

"We have fallen into the Ether. Our body weightless, lacking substance and coy. We are passing through the pain of this passage. Our faces... what about the faces...? They have become collages of time. Time a face – a face where dark bottomless eyes mount themselves with a rather retarded smile coming through pouting lips, twitching with remorse each time one here the click of memory. "

It is about the earth and the moon and the codfish and red arsed baboon who is nowhere to be found in the film.

Dropped into the Ether - Video extract 
duration of the full film :