Dropped into the Ether

Ether is a clear sky, the upper regions of air beyond the clouds. It is also a pleasant-smelling colourless volatile liquid that is highly flammable. It is used as an anaesthetic so that one can endure a period of extreme pain and yet be conscious.

I'm thinking of India - My country in pain.  We are going through a period of extreme pain, but our consciousness seems to be disconnected.  Our limbs have rotted away. They are being dismembered with a rusty knife in front of our eyes. But we are floating in the ether. Numbness has prevailed. We are unable to fathom the depth of our own miss-fortune, leading to the collective indifference to our social and justice system.

For this film, I used a collection of still and moving images from my archive to tell a micro-narrative, but a one without a linear dimensions.  They are episodes of internal anxiety and experiences snatched from my memory and played out by using a combination of verses and prose. And yet, it is stripped bare of any directness. It floats on an abstract plane in such a way that it may as well be a film about the earth and the moon and the codfish and red arsed baboon, but the latter creatures are nowhere to be found in the film.

Dropped into the Ether - Video extract 
duration of the full film :