Dropped into the Ether

Ether is a clear sky, the upper regions of air beyond the clouds. It is also a pleasant-smelling colourless volatile liquid that is highly flammable. It is used as an anaesthetic so that one can endure a period of extreme pain and yet be conscious.
I'm thinking of India - My country gravely indisposed. And yet, we are floating in the ether. Numbness is the opposite end of the reverb.
A collection of still and moving images are animated by spoken words resulting in a micro-narrative of a peculiar but ubiquitous condition- a state of mind, bewildered, disconnected-delusional, drowning in apathy.  The thoughts stripped bare of any direct tangible reference point - as if anaesthetised.  They float on an abstract plane in such a way that it may as well be a film about the earth and the moon and the codfish and a red arsed baboon, but the latter is nowhere to be found.

Sequence 01_Moment.jpg
Dropped into the Ether - Video extract 
duration of the full film :