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“Walk” is a long durational performance performed for the camera. I took repetitive walks into a small room, trying to align my body with the geometry of the interior - with the corners and angles of the room’s furniture and the walls. I was interested in exploring the careful yet spontaneous way our bodies behave around (adjusts) the hard edges of domestic places, especially in small size houses. Through this work I tried to understand and expose the psychological impact of compact living spaces. I was also interested in understanding the source of inspirations for creative process. How certain space and time triggers certain stimulation that mind requires to grow. How an ordinary mundane day and time transforms into a source for fictions or fables. An urge of a moment that transpires beyond bodily necessities but to enrich the mind.

​The performance footage were later incorporated into a two channel video work which added a surreal layer to the final work. One of the channel used a footage of my walk in the room without any tempering. On the second channel, the footage was shot on a green screen in order to create a second minuscule figure of myself and place it with my life size image. With the small figure the dimension of the work changed. The walk in the room with a life size image of mine looked reckless, abrupt, with no room to take more than three steps was now transformed into lazy strolls on the edge of the fan, or on the frame of a picture. The room was suddenly larger than life. It was a different way of interacting with once intimate space which was achieved by the use of media..

Above: Stills from the Two channel video:
WALK, Two channel video, Duration 6 :47 minutes
This video was displayed as part of a group show, "Two Takes", at Seven Art Gallery, New Delhi, in 2012. 



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