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The Circle is a Problem
Performance still - The Circle is a Problem 2018
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Performance still - The Circle is a Problem 2018

The term "freedom" carries delicate implications. While being free stands as the fundamental necessity for human existence, within pseudo-democratic societies, there exists a realm of self-imposed enclosures, a self-censored confinement that is frequently misconstrued as security, residing in the space between Rousseau's social contract and enlightenment theory.

Exploring the notion of self-imposed enclosure, I delve into a fabricated sense of security and a mindset ensnared by social conditioning. This performance seeks to scrutinize and disrupt our inclination towards voluntary confinements.

The Performance Act

Part I

A life-sized cylindrical enclosure takes center stage. Concealed within are four individuals facing the cardinal directions. Positioned outside the cylinder, I invite two audience members to select a side (right or left). Each side is then tasked with posing three questions, with a caveat. The left side questions must avoid addressing the current performance, while the right side can only address it.

The audience members jot down their questions, affixing them to respective sides of the cylinder.

Part II

Audio permeates the space, featuring my voice articulating narratives and scientific inquiries in a blend of prose and verse. Throughout the performance, I establish a connection between the black cylinder and the surrounding walls through objects and actions. The fourth wall comprises the audience, absorbed in their own affairs, becoming the spectacle.

A theatrics touch unveils body parts sequentially from the seemingly void cylinder: knees from the north, an elbow from the east, a pointing hand from the west, and a head from the south. Questions from the audience are directed to these body parts, each unanswered tap met with a stroke of blue paint. Impressions of the body parts are left on paper, hung on the opposite wall. This process repeats for the elbow, with a drawing symbolizing their convergence. To the west, the pointing finger is painted blue, and a circular crocheted form is mounted on the opposite wall, connected by a yarn string. The finger pulls the yarn, slowly unraveling the crocheted circle, mirroring the drawing of a growing circle in response to diminishing mass.

Part III

At the south end, a female head emerges from the enclosure. I paint the face, unravel the hair, and attach hair extensions. The audio prompts questions about liberty, beauty, and art. A single repeated question addresses the head: "How would you contemplate the love of a mother who has gone wild."

Here, the mother symbolizes the nation, land, and earth.

Performance still - The Circle is a Problem 2018
Extract from the performance -" The Circle is a Problem" 2018
Audio used during the performance _ The Circle is a Problem



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